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Kings and Queens

by Handsomely Rich Kings

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Handsomely Rich Kings takes the wraps off the little known 14th Century story of the Mali Empire in order to inspire 21st Century achievement.


[Verse 1] {IamHandsomeRob}
Gravitate to you, conversation is sensational
Precipitation got me hot and tempted, the temptations
Uh, I'm so blessed, I'm living this blissful life
Looking forward to nights where I come home
And I grab that thang like I miss my wife
Uh, ambiguous I
King amongst Kings
No competition for you
Queen of my ring
Vision of I
Conquer everything I see in my retina
Petal to metal
Do the dash
I ain't letting up
Midas touch, like I'm Mansa
Economy fall, I'm the answer
Can't cut me out of the track, I'm cancer
A visionary, have me fresh out the cemetery
Cause my vision gone last forever
It's necessary, have me here when I'm dead and buried
Cause my isms gone last forever
Baby, baby
My legacy is a legend's key
Lewis Latimer in the darkness to read the recipe
That douchebag wilson tried to kill our spirits, but we marching on
Iconic giants that run the city
Listen, we King Kong

[Chorus] {IamHandsomeRob}
Cause We Kings and Queens (3x)
Cause We King
Conquer Anything
Cause We Kings and Queens (3x)
Cause We King
Cause We Royalty

[Verse 2] {eRich}
See, we've always been what we'll always be
And you'll never kill us off with your policies
On the ships of men that were wrought with dreams
See our features in the stone before your colonies
Cause we've always been what we'll always be
Gave my gold out for love and they came for me
But we're made to win with the perfect team
See, that's you and that's you and that's you and that's you

[Verse 3] {IamHandsomeRob}
This motivation, this motivation, this motivation
This type of cajun breeds inspiration, peak limitation
Nasir Jones, this is written, it's risky business
Exergize the scripture, put an exclamation on a profound sentence
More u n I, more unity just to set it off
That Queen Latifah, Keenan Ivory to set the message off
Uh, I take the tidal like I'm Shawn Corey
That deuces wild, that Phi Nu Pi just to tell the story

[Chorus] {IamHandsomeRob}
Cause We Kings and Queens (3x)
Cause We King
Conquer Anything
Cause We Kings and Queens (3x)
Cause We King
Cause We Royalty

[Verse 4] {Ole Soul}
Established civilizations, we created kingdoms to call home
Westeros is make believe, we are the real Game of Thrones
When you let someone else tell your history, it's lies and confusion
Knowing our empires were more than record labels and lions named Lucious
No more hiding were the truth is, so many places to begin
Time to re-examine the lives of the kings and queens of Songhai, Mali, and Benin
Follow their footsteps, so we know exactly what to plan for
The question is how will we make it
Unity is the answer


released April 7, 2017
(R. Henry, E. Richardson, C. Riney)
Produced by DemolishBeatz and IamHandsomeRob.
Recorded and engineered by H. Ross Vanderslice at Phat Buddha Productions, St. Louis, MO.
Additional recording and engineering by William "Bilz" Dougan at ZAC Recording, Atlanta, GA.
Mastered by Rich Harris at Shock City Studios, St. Louis, MO.
Cover art by Pancho Rucker.


all rights reserved



Handsomely Rich Kings St. Louis, Missouri

Handsomely Rich Kings, a collaboration of like-minded college friends IamHandsomeRob, e., and Ole Soul, presents music about truth at a time when alternate facts are getting way too much attention. This is our debut EP: 1312.

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